Project Description



I was commissioned to create a data visualisation that incorporated a number of existing graphs and text documents for a training day. The visualisation was to be used as part of a day presentation, a ‘roadmap’ that would be referred to through out the course of the day’s training.

Due to the large amount of information that was required and the need to display it all simultaneously I decided to create an isometric visualisation. The great thing about isometric drawings is that it allows image artefacts to be represented in 3D. This in turn allows for multiple elements to be layered over each other increasing the depth of the graphic in order to create more ‘space’ for information.

The isometric was decined to represent an office and shopfloor environment with human characters and skeuomorphic design elements all of which combine to make the graphic and the complicated data within more easily understandable.

N.B. Due to the nature of the content both all of the additional proprietry graphics and txt have been obscurred.

▸ November 2017

▸Telecoms Agency

▸ 7 days

▸ 10 Datapoints + 22 sub-points, incorporating qualitative and quantitive data within an isometric visualisation with skeuomorphic elements

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator, Dropbox, Isometric graph

Final Delivery:

▸ 300DPI PDF & JPG, 72DPi JPG

Here are close ups of the infographic asymmetric panels – the design appeals to a younger demographic

and also allowed the layout to incorporate large volumes and keep the infographic at optimal length.