Project Description


Art Print – Complex Vector Line Art

This abstract line art was created as original art pieces for use on printed items including Images Print, Fabrics and Clothing.

As with much of my work these are full vector graphics that may be manipulated for large scale print or tiny screen items for use on a mobile.

What i most enjoy about creating art in this way is finding out where a simple stroke will take me – I normally only begin with the vaguest of concepts and then allow the image to form as draw.

These constructs are all created using illustrator.

N.B. Due to the retail nature of the content all images are watermarked and reduced in quality, final pieces are high res 300 DPI graphics

▸ Jan 2018

▸Concept – Art Prints & Fabrics

▸ 20 days

▸Vector created line art constructs for use in print for fabric and other items

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator

Final Delivery:

▸ 300PPI PDF & JPG, 72PPi JPG