Project Description

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Big Creek Coffee Merchandise

I created this stylish 2D design as a merchandising element for Big Creek Coffee.

Initially my client was looking for a very complex design with lots of disparate elements that I could combine in a sea of coffee!

However after some work and discussion they decided upon something much more simple and versatile that could be used on an array of different items.

The aim was to create a bold print design with a limited colour palette that integrated nicely with the existing brand logo and could work in various forms for on site merchandise (from coffees to display unit backgrounds).

This design does that and also gives the option of showcasing different elements in the scene on different product whilst maintaining the strong graphic look.

▸ September 2018

▸Big Creek Coffee

▸ 5 days

▸Vector Banner image for use on merchandise

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator

Final Delivery:

▸Print-Ready 300DPI PDF

Stylish mock-up of the Big Creek Coffee imagery in action.