Project Description

brushes - bones

Bones an Illustrator Vector Brush Set

I had a lot of fun creating this Bones an illustrator brush set – I got the idea when I was working on a cover image for a ghost story. As often happens I ended up going in a different direction for that project but came back to the idea of creating a set of ‘Bone’ brushes.

The brushes allow a designer to draw lines using a particular piece, perhaps a skull or a femur. As this is a pattern set the designs aren’t to crazy and work best for simply projects such as outlines  of fonts and icons.

I am also working on an artistic set using the same resources – these will favour illustrators more as that set will allow the bones to be used as full length strokes  and also twisted and turned in all manner of variations to create truly eye catching designs. Eventually I will combine both sets and also add some false colour sets so it is easy to tint for specific designs.

▸ June 2018

▸Digital Sales

▸ 4 days

▸Illustrator Brush Set

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator

Final Delivery:

▸ Pack of 18 Illustrator Pattern type brushes

My ‘Bones’ brushes are flexible and will help any artist create some really interesting designs!