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Project Description

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Houston Symphony:
Cosmos – An HD Odyssey, Educational Resource – HTML Encrypted Content


Houston Symphony commissioned the creation of an Education Resource. The HTML Encrypted Content is a companion resource for their recent Houston Symphony: Cosmos – An HD Odyssey feature, for use in schools all over Texas, USA.

The resource is a USB based HTML app that runs on PC and MAC devices and helps educators to teach US high School Grades 9-12 about the science of the our galaxy and the outer cosmos.


I  generated the entire wireframe of the package and UI of the app as well as generating all of the imagery and iconography of the package. The video, image and text resources were all  modified so that they could be easily integrated into the final package (e.g. transforming the images into slide shows and creating html pages from the supplied lesson plans). The project was similar to the one they had done for their previous feature (see here) however the addition of new teaching elements meant that the navigation and main search functionality had to change as well.

Visio was used for the initial wireframing and then Photoshop and Illustrator to create the UI . I was then able to refine the completed programmed shell using Dreamweaver. A major part of this project was restructuring the PDF and image assets for viewing via the browser UI. I find that keeping and Adobe workflow from Acrobat to Illustrator & Photoshop to Dreamweaver allowed me to streamline my method and achieve the results I wanted a lot faster.s faster and easier conversions.


With all the stakeholders based and in the US and the sheer volume of assets required,  the co-ordination was additionally challenging but also incredibly rewarding, especially once the project was complete.

▸ March 2017

▸Houston Symphony

▸ 6 months

▸ 23 lesson plans, 3 different slide shows, 4 HD videos, downloadable PDF, assorted menus for accessing via grade level and subject matter, teachers notes, credits and a lesson plan search feature which identifies over 100 key relevant words and where to read about them, packaging for physical DVD and USB final delivery assets

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Dropbox, Onedrive

Final Delivery:

▸ Initial wireframe and UI document
▸ All icons, backgrounds required for HTML development
▸ 23 HTML & PDF lesson plans
▸ 4 Optimized HD videos
▸ 3 sets of HTML optimized images for the slide shows
▸ DVD/USB combo pack inlay
▸ DVD and USB onbody print design
▸ User guide and package information sheet

Houston Symphony’s Cosmos – An HD Odyssey, An Educational Resource.

A selection of screenshots of Menu Pages and selected printed parts.

Project Details