Project Description


Colour Font – Linegraphy

Linegraphy is my first colour geometric font – this was created to be futuristic and work well with stylised futuristic imagery and concepts.

The great thing about this font is the number or versions  – currently it contains four distinct styles that incoporate gradients, lines and circles, there are another 2 additional versions  soon to follow.

This is a display font and therefore the lower case glyphs are just minature versions of the capitals with slight variations in each.

▸ APR 2018

▸Online Store

▸ 6 days

▸Created a vector based Opentype-SVG Font

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator, Fontself

Final Delivery:

▸ OTF (Font File)

Check out a selection of glyps from my Linegraphy Colour Fonts – Chrome, Basic Black, Dark Metal and Blue Twine