Project Description


Typeface – Goodbye Karl Font Design

The Goodbye Karl Font Typeface was created as part of a project  I was working on which required a relaxed  handwriting casual font that properly captured the imperfections of written text. After much looking  eventually I decided to create a design of my own!

The Typeface comes in Regular, Semi-Bold, and Bold with a bonus ‘Emboss’ version – the relaxed casual style makes it an ideal headliner for children and casual social events. The lack of sharp angles also makes it useful as a font for feminine type design however the heavier bold font is brash enough for use in more masculine design concepts.

The emboss version is  part of a concept that I have been working on for a while in my fonts, by combining custome brushes and other features in Illustrator I am able to accentuate my fonts in wholy original ways. In this case, the rough edges transform the typeface, from a gentle look to an altogether rougher more urban finish.

▸ Feb 2018

▸Digital Sales

▸ 14 Days

▸Hand Drawn Scrtipt font – Standard alphanumeric + additional currency symbols

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Fontself, illustrator, Fontsquirrel

Final Delivery:

▸ .otf & .ttf fonts

Samples of ‘Goodbye Karl’ Typeface in action!