Project Description

Infographic Design surgeonx-pins-featured

Comic Infographic Design – Surgeon X Antibiotics History & Story Intro


I designed two Surgeon X  Comic Pinterest pins to give the casual browser a quick and full of the project. The first infographic design focuses on the alternate history of Antibiotics that is the basis of the Surgeon X story world. The second infographic design serves as an introduction to the SurgeonX Enhanced Comic App.


I used actual graphics panels for SurgeonX issue 1 to create The Rise of Antibiotics infographic. I styled the pin to match the look and feel of the comic and transform 2-3 pages of exposition into a bitesized medical history breakdown.

For the infographic on the Surgeon X app I re-used some of the existing assets fromthe app promotion work. These were re-worked into an easy to understand pin. The purpose of the pin was to quickly inform a reader of both the comic and the main stakeholders that were behind it’s creation.


I have previously mentioned here that within the increasingly visual sphere of the content that infographics are a great tool. In moments these pins convey exactly what the content and the app is about and they are perfect for use within the social media domain.

▸ Feb 2017

▸Wowbagger Productions

▸ 2 – 3 days

▸ 2 Infographics, highlighting the SurgeonX comic & app and also the divergent medical history that is the basis of the comic storyworld

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Onedrive, Pinterest, Illustrator

Final Delivery:

▸ x2 Infographics

See the infographic pins in bite-sized blocks below or view them on Pinterest Rise of Antibiotics and Surgeon X Comic intro here.