Project Description


Infographic – Spear Fishing

This was a great project to work on – my client was looking for a innovative way to incorporate a guide about the fish that are available in their region (they are by the coast of Mexico) AND incorporate as simple to understand way of informing people when a fish was in season and available to hunt.

Due to the large amount of information and the need for images this was a tricky concept to get across however by utilizing some colour coding and some bespoke iconography I was able to create something original that managed to transmit all the info in a simple to understand graphic.  The design allows users to have a quick look to get an idea of a fish’s features and seasonal availability however if they wish to delve deeper there’s additional information availabile.

This is a great example of  how infographics as a medium allows data to accessed quickly with a minimum of fuss using a method that is much more pleasurable on the eye than simple text. There is a possibility that the graphic will be animated sometime in the future and provide even more data so stay tuned for an update.

▸ November 2017

▸Spear Fishing Today

▸ 3 days

▸ 15 Datapoints + 30 additional sub-points, incorporating incorporating a legend and calendar graphic so that the infographic can serve easily as a seasonal fishing guide

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator,

Final Delivery:

▸ 300PPI PDF & JPG, 72PPi JPG