Project Description

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Totem area team of business psychologists helping you select, develop and engage your people to be at their best. As part of their HR development social media campaign, they requested an business infographic to highlight 10 major points to highlight the real world value of businesses investing in their people.

Qualitative & Quantitative Data

I was given the opportunity to mix both quantitative and qualitative information within an appealing graphic. The graphic is being used across their social media spectrum so it was important to create something that could be easily optimised for different formats and could also allow each data-point to split into a separate element. This meant that the theme of the infographic had to match on both the qualitative and quantitative data-points. In addition to this, the business infographic had to match the clients existing social media output which often includes stylised ‘scribbled’ free hand graphics.

I focused on using stylised gender-based human icons and combining this with a multiple chart methods and iconography. Whenever I create a set of data-focused  business infographic elements the aim is always to create an instantly understandable graphic that doesn’t require text and can be understood without any additional context (this differs to infographics where the focus is on text rather than graphics info like this). I think I managed that here and also succeeded in creating a graphic that successfuly fits into Totem’s existing style.

▸ September 2017

▸Totem Consulting

▸ 1 weeks

▸ 10 Datapoints incorporated into graphic mimicking existing client graphics style

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator, Onedrive

Final Delivery:

▸ 300DPI PDF & JPG

Check out close-ups of this Infographics design, Totem often use free hand and ‘scribbled’ icons and it was important to mimic this to ensure

that the infogrophic fitted into their wider social media output

You can find out more about Totem and their approaching to engaging people at work here ,