Project Description


Infographic Urban Mining closed Loop

The Urban Mining Closed Loop infographic was commissioned by a client who was looking for a modular, minimalist, futuristic high style graphic that depicts the cycle of urban consumption, decay, reclamation and re-purposing  in a fresh visually appealing manner’

Because of the modular requirement I decided to create 4 individual vector diagrams that could operate as single data-points as well as an entire infographic cycle. The choice of colour used for the silhouettes allowed me to reinforce the content of each data-point and their position in the overall cycle. The translucent silhouettes also allowed me to increase the options and icons available in each graphic.

This flexibility was further taken advantage of when the graphic was required to be used to highlight recycling within particular territories and industries. It was a simple matter to create additional bespoke items for the graphic to highlight some of the opportunities for reclamation in food packaging or transport industry

▸ Mar 2018

▸Design Client

▸ 4 days

▸Colour-Code vector silhouette iconography

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator

Final Delivery:

▸ 300PPI PDF

Breakdown of some of the elements that were used to create the Urban Mining closed loop diagram