Project Description

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Digital Clipart

Have a Very Neon Christmas (Vector Clipart Pack)


The concept behind my latest vector clipart pack was simply to create a set of fresh Christmas line icons. Once I have the line icon I then applied a custom neon signage effect – created using the various line applications within Illustrator.

Almost all of the icons began as a single line which I manipulated to create the desired object. I did this so I could follow the principle of creating the neon signage from a single tube of ‘digital glass’. This gives each icon a beginning and an end which will be relevant to some of the bonus editions I intend to create later in the year.

Once I have the icon I used a mixture of coloured lines and glow effects to created the desired neon. The icons are angular with liberal ‘curves’ to maintain the neon theme and hopefully have a slightly futuristic vibe.

Vector/PNG Pack

Each icon within the vector clipart pack comes in 10 different colours, the colours of the rainbow plus black and white versions.

Each icon has been exported as a high res PNG in multiple sizes that are ready to use straight away. In addition to this some of the available packs contain the vector assets as well. This is an .ai file which when opened (within Adobe Illustrator) provide eight artboards which include layers for the original which include the original 1px line icons plus each icon in each colour. The more advanced illustrator user can apply alter the colours of the icons by manipulating the stroke effects.

I have now added some bonus assests – These include a set of alphanumeric characters and I have added 7 bonus currency icons, in some packs there is also an OTF headline font Neonix which allows you to type in the same style. You can added a neon double effect by applying the line styles to the type using the eyedropper tool! There is also a new shadow layer that mimics the glowing reflection that you see behind neon signage when it’s placed against a glossy  surface. This comes with a 1 pixel guide icon and an active drop shadow layer that can be manipulated to increase the depth of the effect. The neon shadow layer is also available as PNG files for each individual icon.

Ongoing Development

I intend to continue refining the NEONIX font and might perhaps add some glossy and wall vector backgrounds in the future. I had a lot of fun creating this pack so I hope that other designers find this useful.

▸ July 2017


▸ 2 months

▸Assorted line icons with 9 applied neon effect colours plus additional bonus resources

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator, Dropbox, Onedrive

Final Delivery:

▸ PDF and .AI files with 8 artboards and 3 layers
▸ PNGs of all 140 icons in 100px, 250px and 500px sizes (includes bonus currency logos and shadow layer)
▸ ‘How To’ instructions for maximum usability

Check out some samples of the icon sheets that are will be available in this new pack.