Project Description


Print & Digital – National School Choice Week

I was commissioned to create a printed flyer and assets that could be repurposed as online banners  for the National School Choice Week.

The branding for the event was already in place so I needed to create imagery that complemented it and appealed to both educational professionals, parents and children alike.

This was a great project as the remit allowed me to dream up my own design with minimal restrictions. I settled on creating 3 sets of silhouettes that captured the transition from childhold learning through to graduation. These where ccouple with arrows representing growth which were designed to be reminiscent of an outstreatched hand. Finally to accentuate the fun aspect of the event I used ‘post-it’ style notes to highlight what was available in a clear fun manner.

▸ Dec 2017

▸National School Choice Week (US)

▸ 5 days

▸Create a set of banners for print and online use highlighting the National School Choice Week in a a way that captures the eye of both students and teachers

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator, Silhouettes

Final Delivery:

▸ 300PPI PDF poster, 300/72PPI PNG