Project Description


Seamless Kente Fabric Tiles!!

Kente style textiles is an artform and of great cultural significance in West African nations like Ghana.

I created these backgrounds as original designs based upon the principles of Kente clothes – one of the first things to know are the seamless and sumultaneously chaotic and ordered design of these fabrics. This proved to be an ideal design format to showcase the just how cool the impact of seamless design can be.

I intend to add these designs to my RedBubble store – so check out out and see how these designs look on contemporary fabrics and print items.

▸ December 2017

▸Digital Sales

▸ 10 days

▸Seamless Wallpaper designs based upon traditional West African ‘Kente’ style

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator

Final Delivery:

▸ 24 Original Kente designs, deliver as 300Dpi vector PDFs, PNG and JPG files

Check out the single tile and seamless effect in action below