Tech Pins: Total Recall Infographic

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Project Description

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Tech Pins – Total Recall (2012)

This ‘pin’ was created as part of a number of infographics that showcased futuristic technology in movies. The concept was an ideal opportunity to show whats possible when generating an infographic and highlight the fact that there really are no rules.

The content for the pin from the information from the stylised imagery to the text was all generated via Illustrator using screenshots from the movie and some of the movie’s excellent initial concept art. You can see the graphic here.

I’ve since gone on to create a number of infographics and I think that they are an excellent method for getting across information in an ultra-simple way that is easily understood at speed by the majority of those that view it. you can view another example of this here.

▸ May 2016

▸ Vuniiun

▸ 1 week

▸ Infographic based on tech observed in Total Recall feature film

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Onedrive, Pinterest, Illustrator

Final Delivery:

▸ x1 Infographic

Check out my first ‘Tech Pin’ infographic – inspired by technology from the movie Total Recall (2012).

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