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The Great British Postcard Entry #TGBPC

Here’s my entry for the Great British Postcard competition that’s being run the team at Saxoprint.

The Competition

This is the blurb for the competition:

Calling all creatives: what does Britain mean to you in 2017?

We want real perspectives from real people on what modern Britain is all about. We seek unique, individual postcards from the UK’s finest creative minds.

Having looked at the entries that have already been submitted I think that this competition has really captured the hearts of minds of an astonishing array of creatives all Britain. Considering our current social and economic climate I think it’s a great idea so here’s my entry.

My Entry

The first thing that popped into my head when designing the postcard was simply that Britain and being British means connecting with a great many people, organisations and institutions. So I started popping down elements that represent the things that came to mind when I think about Great Britain. It took a bit of time between projects and every time I thought I was finished something new popped up.

It was quite a long list but these are the things that I think make up Great Britain for me and a nation is never simple. I hope that it’s at least interesting and has a little something in there for everyone.

Voting Time

You can check out the competition here voting starts in September – if you like please vote! #TGBPC

▸ June 2017

▸The Great British Postcard Competition by Saxoprint

▸ 3 weeks

▸ 120-something elements representing Great Britain composed into a postcard

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator, Onedrive

Final Delivery:

▸ x1 high res JPG

Check out close-ups of my entry to The Great British Postcard Competition, if you can find all the elements I’ll be impressed.

You can see the other entries here – check them out, some of them are really great.