Project Description

trompe leoil van wrap

Artistic Trompe L’oeil Van Wrap Design

This was a great project to work on.

The client was initially looking to create an image within an image design and then they desided that simply wanted some 3D elements (hence the term ‘faux’ trompe l’oeil).

I created a pickup truck design that was meant to give the backs of the clients fleet of vans a very elegant look.  Using extremely high res images and mixttures of shadows, contrast, brightness and layers. I was able to make the giant sized produce on the truck look incredibly realistic. Where appropriate I also added some additional depth using shadows and layers to give the impression that some of the fruit and vegetables was sticking out of the truck.  All these various elements combined to give the vans a very original finish.


▸ October 2017

▸Speed Signange

▸ 5 Days

▸ Creating Van Wraps with minimum 100DPI resolution using frame in frame 3D or Trompe l’oeil effect

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator, Photoshop

Final Delivery:


Here are some examples of the final two wraps – an assorted Vegetable and an assorted Tomato