Project Description


Map – Faux Middle Ages Vector Map

I was commissioned to take a modern conventional map image and transform it into a simplified Middle Ages vector design. The final design was going to be used for creating a retail print however my client also envisaged creating a a host of different map types from this first design.

Based on this remit I illustrated the map and grouped the various elements into different layers. The map was was created as a live vector using blurs and custom illustrator brushes and symbols. This will allows me to very quickly change the theme to a completely different style in much less time than it took to create the original. Additional layers will also help to differentiate  between various iterations in the future.

▸ July 2018

▸Retail Print Item

▸ 3 days

▸2D Overhead vector map medieval style

Collaboration Tools:
▸ Illustrator

Final Delivery:

▸ 300DPI print-ready PDF

The final Map is composed of 8 layers (please note that layers 7 & 8 ‘Buildings’ & ‘Text’  have been omitted)